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  • Why are you closed on Sundays in the summer months of June to August?
    The Türlersee is a very popular bathing resort in summer and parking spaces are rare. It is usually difficult to find a parking space at Türlersee around Sunday noon. If we were open on Sunday, our parking lot would be used primarily by bathers and not by restaurant visitors. We can already see that on summer Saturdays. We would need to hire an extra person just to take care of our parking lot from morning. Unfortunately, that's not worth it for us. We would also like to make it possible for our guests to leave their vehicle after or before they have consumed something with us if they want to go for a walk. Unfortunately, this is difficult to do on a bathing Sunday. Working in gastronomy means giving up a lot and mostly working when most people are free. We're happy to do that for you. These 10 to 12 Sundays in the summer months therefore mean a lot to us and the families of all employees. Another reason that the Erpel team has a large number of long-standing employees. We are always there for you six days a week and would be happy if you respect our opening hours and maybe even treat us to these free Sundays. From September to May we are open again on Sundays and closed on Wednesdays.
  • Do you allow dogs?
    Yes, dogs are allowed on the terrace and in the restaurant. And yes, it wasn't always like that. But now. Times change.
  • Has the owner changed?
    The Studer family has been running the Erpel restaurant since 1986. In these 35 years, there have of course been one or two changes to the building, both outside and inside, and our range of products also moves with the times and, above all, with the seasons.
  • Is the Erpel restaurant barrier-free?
    Yes. The terrace, the restaurant and the toilet are barrier-free. We also have a marked parking space directly at the entrance.
  • How long does it take to get around the Türlersee?
    Approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Depending on how comfortable you are on the road. One or the other stop at a nice bench or on a jetty is definitely worth it.
Ein Erpel auf der Wasseroberfläche im Türlersee.


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